#ChiCity in #CovidCity - A Day in Chicago's Loop During Quarantine (Video)

Overall, I'm content at home, adjusting, even enjoying having all the time to myself working on projects - like this - and spending time reacquainting myself with my hobbies.

But, after nearly two months, I asked a friend on our bi-monthly grocery run if she'd be interested in venturing out a little bit beyond the stores. After all, it was one of those bright, blue chilly Chicago days that's still warm enough to make you feel like a lizard in the sun, albeit briefly.

It was a new day and the city looked smaller, perhaps the way Alice felt in Wonderland, but it still felt familiar and comforting.

"I've been here before," I thought. The depth of nostalgia hadn't hit yet.

We were just so thrilled to be safe in a car with our homemade masks covering our faces and seeing the city, our city, again.

We made the first stop at an Asian market, it's been important to me to support small businesses, particularly those targeted by cruel ignorance and just plain old racism. Upon leaving, bags in hand, and sharing some of my treasures with a man in need, dirty from life on the streets, and no work, we loaded up and headed toward the lake. Our lake.

It began as just a fun ride, with the wind whipping our faces like were dogs in the backseat sticking our tongues out the window, we rode around with so much contentment. But it soon turned into a silent, somewhat awkward ride along.

It was so quiet. No sirens, no music, no one laughing, no man yelling, (there's always a man yelling!). We could hear the flags clang against the poles, and even noticed the sounds of birds chirping away in the sparse city trees. A timid cacophony.

Few people were out - essential and helpless - like workers on an empty movie set, and that's when I began recording on my #iphone.

I recorded our entire loop around the loop and decided to turn it into a little video to showcase how well our city is responding to the orders set and how we will soon have our city back. #AllInIllinois. #StayHomeSaveLives.

It was a surreal experience. At once, exciting, nostalgic, and heartbreaking. I felt the pang for the city that I now know I love, so much, somehow. The attention detail, the unique architecture, the roller-coaster-like adventure, the cleanliness - yes it, really is clean - the history, the creativity, the expression, and passion. It's waiting, like all of us, but its beauty sits patient, and I'm grateful we had a moment to appreciate it.

I wanted our city back. I yelled out to COVID to release us.


Alas, we wait. Like our city.

When I got home, I had nearly an hour of footage and photographs on my phone and, well, take a look. Might notice some cameos.

Feel free to share your feedback, and if you're an expert editor and want to help or teach me how to improve this, I'd love to hear it! Thanks!

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